“I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for Sarah.  You have been kind, patient, and loving. I am so happy that I picked you for Sarah's daycare. Your house was Sarah's second home.  She loved teacher Shalaine and getting to go out and do all the fun things that I did not have the time and creative energy to do with her. Your preschool was so much better than the preschool centers that I had her enrolled in.  She had the best of both worlds with preschool and second home in the same place.  I felt you loved her and cared for her like I would. I never had  worries when Sarah was with you as I trusted your professionalism and knew you loved Sarah as she was like one of your own. ”
Libby Moore,   Sarah's mom

“You have played such an important role in my daughter’s lives and I am so grateful!  Your help in helping me raise Claire and Raelyn is greatly appreciated. You were always so fun. I am so greatful for all the things you taught them that I could not.  When I brought them to you I was so overwhealmed, and they needed the structure and routine that you brought to their day as well as the special attention and guidance. Claire especially never wanted to come home as she always loved having new activities and projects to do daily.  Your parenting support was so helpful and you always had so many great ideas and information.   The girls and I will never forget you.”
Erica Bowler,  Claire and Raelyns mom

“Brandon was finally old enough to move on and I feel so lucky to have found you and am very sad that Brandon's stay with you is over. You became like family to us and Brandon will never forget you guys.  You were always there to help out and support me in parenting when I needed it. He still thinks of you as family even though he is 12 now. He loved all the activities and needed to exercise.  He will fly back to visit soon, we love your daycare so much!”
Pat Frankheiser, Brandon Frankhesier's Mom (775)831-6564