Mary Poppin's Pre K program has educated children since 2000, and was founded by Shalaine Goy, a parent of three wonderful children.  Shalaine, a former elementary and pre- school teacher decided to take up formal child development education at the local community college.  She majored in Early Childhood Education/Human Development and minored in art. Shalaine did her practicum and internship units at several mainstream preschool  centers, and initially was going to school to get certified to open her own large Waldorf preschool center. Later she realized that the only way to keep quality and consistency is to do preschool in the home with the same teacher daily. Shalaine grew up in a small private Montessori school and prefers the layout and methods of Montessori schools.  Due to Zoning we are considered a licensed daycare but with preschool teaching and learning. In a home the children are receiving high quality teaching but in a loving environment. The children receive more attention than in a preschool with over 18 in a class setting.

Shalaine's resume/experience:
1989-1991 ( while in junior high and early high school Shalaine's dream was to be a child psycologist.  She had a committed daily job of babysitting after school children in their homes.)
1991-1993 ( Shalaine's goal in high school was to be an elementary school teacher.  She had enough units to graduate early, so spend most of her junior and senior years of high school as a volunteer teachers aid at a local public elementary school. After school Shalaine worked at a local preschool center and during the summers she worked at a Rec center as a summer and activity camp leader.  On weekends, she taught children's ski school and also was a certified Red Cross certified swim teacher.
1993-1994 Shalaine joined a missionary orginazation called YWAM and went to live in a remote village of the Phillipines in a grass hut.  She taught English to the children in a large grass hut. She has also gone on many short term mission trips to teach VBS in places like Mexico.
1994-1997 Shalaine trained and was employeed by CEF ( child evangelism fellowship as a full time children's missionary)
1997-1998 Shalaine helped to teach second grade at a private Christian school ( like Shiloh) and also worked at a local Christain bookstore while attending full-time to Bible college
1998 - Shalaine had her first child, David and switched to teaching preschool at a preschool center in the day while going to college in the evenings.
2001- Shalaine opened her first homedaycare
2004- Shalaine moved and opened a portrait art studio( Heartfelt Portrait Art) specializing in children's  fine art photography. She employed 5 others to take over the books and paper work, Yet Shalaine missed the constant invlovement with children so decited to go back to teaching preschool full time long term. She realizes that teaching is the most rewarding thing she can do with her time and would rather do that than anything else.
2007- Shalaine started homeschooling 2 of her children for preschool.  Her step-son then went on to Kindergarden and was the top of the class, scoring much higher on his initial screening and intake than the rest of the children who had been in a mainstream preschool center. He still is much higher than the rest of his classmates at public school because he had a good foundation doing preschool with Shalaine for 2 solid years.
2009- Shalaine realized the powerful positive impact of schooling in a home settting, so pulled her 3 children out of public school and started  homeschooling.  Her children have already done almost 2 years of schooling in one year in certain subjects. Shalaine did afterschool daycare while looking for the prefect open floor plan home to open her home preschool in.
2010- Heart To Heart homepreschool opens in new home.

*Our daycare  focuses on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communications.  These are key elements which contribute to the child’s development, self esteem and confidence.
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